31. July 2013

INOSIM Professional 10

A Quantum Leap

Peter Balling talks of “a quantum leap”. The eyes of INOSIM’s managing director start to shine brightly when it comes to talking about the newest version of our simulation software INOSIM Professional 10: “Just in time according to our company’s tenth anniversary, we are releasing the tenth version of our INOSIM process simulation software! During that period, our simulation solutions have grown to become a constant factor in process industries. With INOSIM Professional 10, we are offering a tool which, by its Cape-Open interface, provides new dimensions of material data simulation to industrial users!”

Cape-Open is a middleware standard which has been developed by an international expert team especially for use within process engineering software. INOSIM Professional 10 picks up this new standard. Its Cape-Open interface allows the simulation software to interact with external thermodynamic material data packages and databases. Thus, components and mixture parameters for process simulation can be computed. This improves the quality of process models in bio-engineering. Even for the optimization of workflows in conventional process engineering, the new standard can widely be applied.

Beside the novel interface, INOSIM Professional 10 is offering a lot more of new features, for example sophisticated unit statistics, or continuously adjustable simulation speed. The simulation tool’s usability has been furthermore optimized by a multitude of elaborate details.

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