17. May 2022

INOSIM Is Highly Welcomed By Process Industry Members In India

About 40 members of the Indian process industry attended the webinar on the introduction of INOSIM to the Indian market. In welcoming the participants, Pierre Lee, Head of Global Sales at INOSIM, highlighted India’s strategic importance in the biotech, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. With our new office in Bengaluru (Bangalore), we supply the Far East and Pacific region with our software solutions, consulting, and support.

Process industry challenges in India today

Guest Speaker R.V. Kulkarni, who has about three decades of experience in pharmaceuticals in India with companies like Sun Pharma, Cipla, etc., pointed out in his introductory presentation the challenges facing India’s process industry at the present time: these include the urge for market-oriented production in reasonable time and quality and the trend towards faster and faster commercialisation of products, not least due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Process simulation with tools like INOSIM, says Mr. Kulkarni, can boost productivity in India and improve the quality, sustainable growth, consistency, and excellence of the manufactured products.

High-tech solutions for the Indian market

Magesh Ramadoss, head of the new INOSIM branch in Bangalore, gave a brief overview of the history and structure of INOSIM. Since 2003 with solutions for process simulation on the market, the company has grown steadily and sustainably: Today, the INOSIM Group includes Software (founded in 2003), Consulting (founded in 2010) and INOSIM Solutions (founded in 2019). The latter coordinates support and sales outside Germany, since 2019 in the USA and since 2022 in India.

How INOSIM works

Technical aspects of the INOSIM solutions were then explained by Peer Sander (INOSIM Consulting GmbH). After a brief classification of the INOSIM solutions in the field of dynamic discrete event simulation, he explained basic elements of the software such as plant layout, units, master recipes, order lists, and resources. This was followed by a brief presentation of process design (pharma industry) and plant design (multi-product plant) workflows with INOSIM, both based on examples from the everyday practice of our consultants.

A promising outlook

The webinar ended with a lively feedback from the participants. Questions about the use of simulation in the management of operators, in greenfield projects, or in cost analysis showed the great interest and obvious need for the use of INOSIM. Other questions related to the specific design of INOSIM support in India, the measurability of the use of simulation versus non-simulated production, or specific differences to tools of competitors of INOSIM.

Magesh Ramadoss, Head of INOSIM India, concluded with satisfaction: “The webinar on the launch of INOSIM in India offered the participants a wealth of practical information. The lively interest indicates the high demand of the Indian process industry for our simulation solutions. Follow-up events on specific topics may be soon initiated after this first event. We look forward to getting to know the challenges of our Indian customers more closely and to finding solutions for their industrial practice together.”

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