27. September 2023

INOSIM Expert Talks On Innovation At The German Start-Up Awards, Münster, Germany

Start-ups are the backbone that drive rapid innovation in smart production and logistics all around the world. The best ones from Germany will be honored at the upcoming finals of the GFFT e.V. German Start-up Awards (Logistics & Production) that will take place on September 27, 2023, at BASF Coatings GmbH in Münster, Germany.

Our Head Of Innovation Dr. Christian Sonntag will be on the panels of two of the expert discussion rounds that will take place at the awards, the first one on Smart Production as a Unique Selling Point for Germany as an Industrial Powerhouse together with Nikolaos Kofidis (Adesso), Jens Wegner (BASF), Timothy Kaufmann (SAP), Martin Prinz (Coac), Daniel Wauben (ChemCologne), Falk Plonus (Punzenberger COPA-DATA), and the second one on the Optimization of Collaborations of Business and Academia together with Prof. Dr. Carsten Feldmann (FH Münster) and others. Registration is free. Christian Sonntag is looking forward to meet and discuss with you in person on September 27 in Münster.

The website, agenda, and registration site of the event is available under https://www.united-innovations.eu/event/finale-des-deutschen-startup-pokals-logistik-und-produktion/.

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