30. November 2021

Free Webinar: Get To Know INOSIM BICON

The INOSIM Business Intelligence (BI) connector BICON automatically exports simulation results to your BI solution (for example, Tableau) in the needed format. After each simulation run, you can update existing visualizations or create new ones with the powerful features of BI tools to easily see through your process and the influence of experimental model adjustments.

Benefit From Business Intelligence Solutions With INOSIM BICON

Thank you for joining the BICON Webinar, your interest in connecting INOSIM with Business Intelligence solutions and, most of all, your valuable questions. Please feel free to share the video recording (created after the actual webinar).

Agenda of Webinar

  • BICON installation and configuration
  • Feature overview
  • Export of simulation data to Tableau, a common BI solution
  • Creation and presentation of BI example dashboards
  • What is possible: A selection of BICON dashboards for engineering and operational support
  • Time for your questions …

The free webinar is designed for experienced INOSIM users and those who wish to learn more about the integration of BI solutions with INOSIM.

Event Details

This event will be held at the following date in the European time zone (CET).

  • Date: November 30, 2021
  • Time: 16:00-17:00 CET
  • Participation is free of charge for you.

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