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Building a True Digital Twin

INOSIM is a dynamic discrete-event simulation tool for material flow analysis of batch and hybrid processes. Production processes are represen­ted by intuitive graphical Master Recipes, consisting of Unit Procedures, which contain sequences of Operations for one Unit. Depending on their type, Operations are parameterized by duration, amount, mass flow and may have additional Resource demands to model various limiting influences (e.g., staff or energy). INOSIM provides a library of Recipe Modules with built-in mathematical models to describe mass-, energy- and component-balances for common unit operations in process design, like extraction, heating, fermentation, separation processes and many more. The VBA scripting interface lets users integrate custom calculations. Many additional elements are available to build the perfect digital twin of your process.

Simulating Your Process

The simulation will simulate the Order List: a sequence of Orders, that define the Master Recipe to be executed. While one Unit is allocated by a Unit Procedure, it usually cannot be allocated by another Unit Procedure. Furthermore, the availability of Resources and Units can be influenced by Shift Calendars, and stochastic Failure events and scheduled Maintenance. A simulation will always result in a feasible schedule, that is directly transferrable to your facility. Starting with the new version 14, INOSIM supports parallelization of simulation runs, which  drastically speeds up the use of the Statistical Analysis and Optimizer Add-ons, and custom compute-intensive solutions.

Presenting Simulation results

INOSIM provides a built-in intuitive and highly customizable Gantt-Chart to display simulation results like Unit allocation, Resource consumption and filling levels. Besides providing several predefined Excel-reports, custom reports including specific KPIs can be easily created. The BICON add-on allows users to export simulation results to business intelligence tools like Tableau and Power BI and build intuitive dashboards for their stake­holders.

Unlimited Customization

INOSIM’s VBA scripting interface allows you to dynamically change every parameter of the simulation: operation durations and transfer amounts, the selection of alternative pathways, rules for the allocation of a Unit from a Unit Pool, or adding new Orders during a simulation run. VBA also enables the integration of INOSIM in a custom tool chain via its COM-Interface.

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INOSIM offers a variaty of modelling elements to build a true digital twin of your processINOSIM Gantt Chart can display the resuts of several simulation runs side-by-sideINOSIM automatically creates Excel workbooks with simulation results

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