18. June 2018

Digital Awakening: ACHEMA 2018

International Welcome at ACHEMA

ACHEMA is the world forum of the process industry and the trend-setting technology summit for chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology. ACHEMA 2018 has closed on Friday, June 16th 2018, in Frankfurt, Germany. Within five days, more than 167.000 visitors learned about the offers made by more than 3.800 exhibitors throughout chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. INOSIM again was represented with a booth.

Together with our French software partner ProSim, we welcomed plenty of visitors from Germany, Europe, and overseas. Among them were regular customers, but also a lot of prospects interested in our software solutions and consulting services. Already during the fair’s run-up, keywords like Industry 4.0 and Intelligent Factory had made their rounds. At our booth, this forecast was confirmed by many interesting discussions. For our consultants everything was about digitalization, networking, optimization, modular plant, and efficient engineering.

So it was highly fitting that our employees introduced our new, sophisticated software for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, and biotech. In the center were live presentations of our tailored solutions INOSIM Process Edition (process engineering), INOSIM Plant Edition (material flow), and INOSIM Expert Edition (process design, research and development). Equipped with highly topical expert knowledge on the benefits of process­ simulation, many satisfied visitors left our booth.

Finally, Dominik Wolff, INOSIM project manager, summed up his ACHEMA 2018 impressions: „Many prospects came to our booth with concrete problems: Capacity planning, utility design and optimized consumption, scheduling, sequence planning, or decision-making with plant design were such topics. While talking, it became clear that INOSIM would help along with all these issues. Our prospects learned that a tailored simulation model and the use of expert knowledge are investments that will pay off fast and sustainably.“

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