20. October 2017

TOP-REF Achieves A New Standard In Resource Efficiency

A Great Step Forward

As reported repeatedly on this home page, INOSIM is a member of the European Commission’s TOP-REF project. Now the project has ended in Barcelona with a special highlight: The experts from Germany, Denmark, France, Portugal, and Spain have succeeded in developing a new standard for Key Resource Indicators, which has been approved by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) as a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA). At the WCCE10 in Barcelona, the result was introduced to the public.

The new CWA specifies a methodology applicable to resource use and consumption efficiency, including measurement, performance, and optimization, and applies to all industries, but particularly to the resource-intensive process industry.

The application of this CWA will allow companies to have better knowledge of their environmental performance and footprint and their related financial impact, which will enable a real comparison between companies and initiatives, ensuring the competitiveness of EU companies in global markets.

Extended information on this project and the WCA is available on the TOP-REF-Homepage.

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