26. July 2021

INOSIM Software Development Newsflash, 3rd Quarter, 2021

Update INOSIM 12.0.10

In the course of the current version’s maintenance, the newest update INOSIM 12.0.10 again provides a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Basic object model: Accessing the ID property of OrderOperation objects might have caused crashes.
  • Diagnostics tool: Opening the Diagnostics tool might have caused crashes.
  • Gantt chart: Coloring/Labeling of bars due to lines would not work. Instead of the line, the master recipe would be used for coloring/labeling.
  • License management: An update of the CodeMeter software for the INOSIM license management has been integrated due to security reasons. On that, please read the information by the software manufacturer.
  • Master recipes: When importing master recipes, the import would fail when in a unit procedure a line was assigned.
  • Recipe editor:
    • Error when selecting in the recipe editor: In some cases, Select all would not select unit procedures properly.
    • In printouts of the recipe editor/layout frame, the logo was inserted with a false size.
  • Recipe modules: When inserting external recipe modules, inserting would not work when another database was opened.
  • Unit operations: Especially with big databases containing multiple projects, errors might have occured when unit operations were updated by the simulation.

A full overview of the changes made to INOSIM 12.0.10 is given to registered customers in our Support area under Support & Services > Downloads > INOSIM 12. The new update is available there for download (we also inform our users in a separate mailing).

Do you have any questions or would like to know more about this topic? Please contact us.

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