26. July 2021

INOSIM Software Development Newsflash, 3rd Quarter, 2021

INOSIM Software Development Newsflash, 3rd Quarter, 2021

Update INOSIM 12.0.10

In the course of the current version’s maintenance, the newest update INOSIM 12.0.10 again provides a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Basic object model: Accessing the ID property of OrderOperation objects might have caused crashes.
  • Diagnostics tool: Opening the Diagnostics tool might have caused crashes.
  • Gantt chart: Coloring/Labeling of bars due to lines would not work. Instead of the line, the master recipe would be used for coloring/labeling.
  • License management: An update of the CodeMeter software for the INOSIM license management has been integrated due to security reasons. On that, please read the information by the software manufacturer.
  • Master recipes: When importing master recipes, the import would fail when in a unit procedure a line was assigned.
  • Recipe editor:
    • Error when selecting in the recipe editor: In some cases, Select all would not select unit procedures properly.
    • In printouts of the recipe editor/layout frame, the logo was inserted with a false size.
  • Recipe modules: When inserting external recipe modules, inserting would not work when another database was opened.
  • Unit operations: Especially with big databases containing multiple projects, errors might have occured when unit operations were updated by the simulation.

A full overview of the changes made to INOSIM 12.0.10 is given to registered customers in our Support area under Support & Services > Downloads > INOSIM 12. The new update is available there for download (we also inform our users in a separate mailing).

Do you have any questions or would like to know more about this topic? Please contact us.

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