5. March 2014

INOSIM Researches Porphyria

Tracing The Disease

In researching porphyria, a dreadful metabolic disease caused by genetic defects, INOSIM keeps being engaged. February 28th, 2014, we were around at the First Symposium on Porphyria, Berlin, Germany, presenting a lecture: Katrin Sulzbacher spoke on „computer-aided simulation model of hem synthesis in acute porphyria“. More than 60 visitors of the symposium – family doctors, clinical doctors and concerned patients – took benefits from her presentation.

By applying our process simulation software, the medics and scientist on research here shall be enabled to scrutinize the effects of this genetic defect furthermore. The work of INOSIM helps to uncover the interrelations which form the basis of the metabolic dysregulation in acute porphyria.

The model developed for this purpose by INOSIM in co-operation with notable medical researchers is describing synthesis, consumption, and regulation of the red hemoglobin (hem) in the human liver. This completely new approach to further research of the disease was lively debated by the symposium’s visitors. Finally, it was welcomed by the specialists as well as by the patients

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