16. February 2021


The CURRENTA GmbH & Co. OHG is manager and operator of the CHEMPARK, which includes locations in Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen. Hence, CURRENTA maintains one of the largest chemical parks in Germany at one of the largest industrial sites in Europe. With around 3,300 employees, the company provides an excellent infrastructure at the CHEMPARK. For a total of about 70 companies, CURRENTA offers services in the chemical-technical sector at its three locations. In addition to infrastructure services, this includes energy supply, waste disposal, security, analytics, and training. Furthermore, CURRENTA provides services such as maintenance and logistics through its two subsidiaries Tectrion GmbH and Chemion Logistik GmbH.

History of trust in INOSIM

CURRENTA has been using an INOSIM simulation model to analyze the capacity of waste incineration plants at its sites for some time now. Owning an INOSIM Runtime license, CURRENTA was already able to independently run simulations and analyze the results. While searching for a reliable partner for the modeling work on the existing model, CURRENTA once again chose INOSIM: The model was handed over to our experts of the INOSIM Consulting GmbH.

Establishing a reliable task distribution

In the current project, we are working closely with CURRENTA to keep their existing model up to date and to implement any desired changes. The work is clearly divided here: CURRENTA fills the model with the required data, runs the simulation, and analyzes the results. INOSIM ensures that the model is continuously adjusted and extended according to CURRENTA’s needs. So we are regularly consulted when the simulation results are evaluated.

As part of this collaboration, we first recommended our customer to update the model to the current INOSIM version 12 in order to provide the best possible simulation environment. Furthermore, the focus was on the evaluation of the simulation results according to the individual requirements of the users at CURRENTA.

Fit for the future

As a result of this approach, CURRENTA today has an up-to-date model at its disposal. The model is regularly adapted and expanded by INOSIM consultants, thus making optimal use of the strengths of both project partners. To gain the capacity to work even more efficiently with the existing model, CURRENTA has recently decided to purchase another INOSIM Runtime license.

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