7. August 2018

CSL Extends Its License-Portfolio For INOSIM Process Simulation Cost-Efficiently

CSL Extends Its License-Portfolio

The CSL Group is a leading producer of plasma protein bio-therapeutics, engaging over 14.000 employees worldwide. For years, the CSL Behring GmbH at Marburg, Germany, has been applying INOSIM Process Simulation Solutions. Furthermore, INOSIM software is applied with CSL Kankakee, USA, in several engineering projects simultaneously.

While aiming to support change and replanning projects intensively and continuously by simulation, CSL faced a lack of INOSIM licenses at several locations during the last months. Moreover, it was planned to develop simulation models at their Australian headquarters, which until then did not own any INOSIM license. Last but not least, all licenses should be managed by a common IT central.

Thinking globally

In this situation, we recommended to CSL an upgrade of their already applied INOSIM licenses to the World type. Together with only one more license purchased, this turned out to grant a sufficient license pool for all CSL locations worldwide. Due to worldwide time differences, the licenses now globally available can be applied round the clock by the users of the several locations during their usual working times. Moreover, the central license server enables easy software management.

Upgrading of already purchased licenses from Country to World proved to be a cost-efficient solution for our customer CSL, compared to the idea of buying separate licenses for each location. This enterprise-wide extension of their license pool demonstrates the importance of INOSIM process simulation for CSL which has evolved from lots of positive experience in the past. With an updated license portfolio, CSL appears to be well-equipped for further challenges without being forced to stress their simulation budget excessively.

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