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Data Privacy Statement: From your visit to our web site, our IT systems are saving several data. According to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), these apply for personal data. These data enable us to evaluate internally how often single sections of our web site have been visited. To all users of our websites and all recipients of mails and newsletters from our companies, we guarantee confidential handling of all emails and newsletters from our company according to legal rules and this declaration of data protection.

In general, data transmission via internet may contain safety gaps. Hence, complete protection of data from unauthorizied access by third parties cannot be guaranteed by us. To ensure extensive data protection, our website uses the encrypted https protocol.

On each visit to our web site, a data set is transferred and logged to our web server. This data set contains the following information:

  • Site from which the file has been requested
  • Name of file
  • Date and time of request
  • Amount of data transferred
  • State of access (file transferred, file not found, etc.)
  • Description of applied web browser and IP Address

Our website uses cookies to enable the provision of our services. By using our services, you agree that we may use particular cookies to identify your session, your language setting for our website and, if applicable, to enable your login to our support area. You can prevent the use of cookies by means of your browser settings. We store cookies, which are necessary for electronic communication or for functions you require, in accordance with Article 6 Section 1 GDPR.

Our Newsletters contain tracking pixels by which we detect the opening rates of our Newsletters.

The provider of our website is saving server log files automatically according to Article 6 Section 1 GDPR. These data are not connected by us with other personal data.

Our web site does not apply social plugins (Facebook etc.). Data from business relations are stored by us for at least ten years due to tax regulations. Generally, we delete all personal data so far these are no longer necessary for task fulfilment. This applies, e. g., for names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, application documents and other personal data. We do not save, with the exception of the latest 20 numbers from automatic redial, telecommunication data, the latter for 6 months at the longest.

We only save further personal data which you transfer to us voluntarily using our contact form. We process these on the base of your approval according to Article 6 Section 1 GDPR. We save these data until you demand deletion from us, you cancel your approval or the intended use is dropped. When you contact us via contact form or email, this kind of data transfer is generally unencrypted. If you should intend to disclose to us confidential information, we recommend an alternative transmission route outside of the internet. We are saving your emails within our routinely correspondence management. In general, we do not transfer any of your personal or other data resulting from emails you sent to us to third parties.

When you are using the internal section of our web site, we assign to you a login and password. Login and password are administrated internally by us. If you should wich a change of your access data or a login of your account, then please contact us via. phone number +49 (0)231 – 97 00 250 or email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

When the download section (internal section) of our web site is used, we detect how many and which single files from our download section have been downloaded by users.

To be able to deliver the Newsletter offered on our website, we need your email address and your written approval to receive our Newsletter. We apply these data exclusively for sending our Newsletter and do not forward these to third parties. Your approval in saving your data (according Article 6 Section 1 GDPR) can be cancelled at any time together with Newsletter unsubscription. Afterwards, we will promptly delete the data which you have provided us with for processing the Newsletter.

For its companies, INOSIM is operating a Customer Relation Management System (CRM) for which we collect, process, apply, and save personal data only as far as they are necessary for reason, form, or change of the legal relationship (inventory data).  After expiry of the intended use, we delete these data. Legal retention periods remain untouched.

INOSIM beyond its websites operates onlince presences within social networks and platforms aiming to communicate with active customers, prospects, and users, and to provide information on our products. When these networks and platforms are used, the terms and conditions of their providers apply.

If not specified different in our data protection declaration, we process data of our users as far as these communicate with us via social networks and platforms, e. g., create contributions to our online presences or send us messages

You can, at any time, without naming of reasons, and free of charge, receive disclosure about your personal data saved by us. You have the right to obtain these data in a machine-readable format as far as technically feasable. This concerns the source, the recipient, and the purpose of these data. You can, at any time, without naming of reasons, and free of charge, have your data which are saved by us blocked, corrected, or deleted. In this case, please contact the address specified above. Furthermore, you can cancel approvals given earlier to us concerning our processing of your personal data at any time without specifiyng reasons informally via email. You have the legal right to lodge a complaint against violations of data protection regulations caused by us by addressing the data protection officer of the German federal state in which our company is registered (see address above).

Disclaimer: INOSIM Software GmbH and INOSIM Consulting GmbH provide no warranty for transmission errors, rightness, or completeness of all information on this server. The mention of products from of other producers or suppliers is only for information and is not meant as recommendation. INOSIM Software GmbH and INOSIM Consulting GmbH cannot take any warranty concerning the choice, performance, or application of such products or services. All our offers made here by us are without engagement and non-binding.
INOSIM Software GmbH and INOSIM Consulting GmbH reserve the right to change or delete this homepage.
The opinions or statements claimed as truth on websites which are linked to this homepage lie alone in the responsibility of the respective author and are not the opinion of INOSIM Software GmbH and INOSIM Consulting GmbH. By judgement of May, 12, 1998, the regional court of Hamburg has decided that companies and persons who own a website can be held responsible even for the contents of websites linked to their own site. According to the regional court, this responsibility can only be suspended when the owner of the website dissociates himself explicitly from such foreign contents. In our website, we have applied links to foreign web pages. We have no influence on layout and content of these pages. Therefore, we hereby dissociate ourselves explicitly from the content of all web pages linked to our own homepage.
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